Hi everyone, thanks for looking at the about me page, a page that notoriously everyone hates. I started writing blogs back in 1999 when Blogspot was still a thing. Is it still a thing? Then I was on Vox for ages and then came to find WordPress. I like just dumping my brain onto the keyboard and find it therapeutic to just have a place where I can store my thoughts and live them there for a while. Typing things out and then reading them back really works for me.

I guess the whole point of the blog is about giving people an insight into the mind of someone who has several mental health problems, tries to be a good dad and husband, and someone who has had massive issues with addiction in their life. I battle with myself, most days, and most days I’m okay so long as I am on my meds (and it’s a long list) I’m fairly stable and happy. I don’t know. Maybe if someone can see that someone like me can do it, then they can. Live that is. Not just exist. My official labels are EUPD, Schizo-affective Disorder, CPTSD from teenage years trauma, Anxiety & Depression, and the best one, night terrors. I’m not my labels. I’m just me, which I need to tell myself, often, as I’ve made peace with being a little bit odd.

If you are into honest answers, not too scared to delve into the dark world of things or you would just like to see the world in a different way then I promise not to disappoint!

I’m currently living in Manchester, UK. I love it here. I went to university close by, and being able to see it is great because it brings back some really awesome memories from when I was in the halls of residence with my friends for 3 years. As the content on here will be quite personal, I’ll have to vague up the answers a little bit. I do have kids, I have an amazing now ex-wife, and I love the community work that I do. A bit more detail would be my top 5 things in the whole world? Being close to my family, even if I’m distant or my mood is off, comics, trading cards, collecting cool toys, and relaxing. Or being lazy. Depends on how you look at it. But personally sitting with my favorite people, real or not, makes me calm. The best movies in the world have to be V for Vendetta, Night Watch, Heat, Jurassic Park, and kids’ cartoons. Yes. You read that right, I love nothing more than sitting with B watching Mr Bean, Miraculous Ladybug, or even Hey Dougie. I love Whitby and Scarborough. Both are my favorite places in the whole world to be. Might not be the warmest places on earth, but I just love being next to the sea and thinking of the history of the place.

[update] I’m trying to post more things on here but welcome suggestions, otherwise it’s just blatant mumblings and my warped way of seeing things.

[further update] After a suspected stroke, I have been diagnosed with FND, which is slowly destroying my life. But hey, better than a stable normal life o.0 I walk with a stick, have seizures, and fall over often.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I personally enjoy the about pages!

    Please let me know if you’re ever interested in seeing any particular content! As long as it aligns to my values, I’m happy to oblige reader requests for topics!

    1. Thanks! We could do a blog trade for a day, I write a post on yours and you on mine. Well. Not sharing the actual blog but I can send over one and if you do the same, then we can publish it.

      1. Thanks for thinking of me! That’s a clever idea! However, my blog is tangentially linked to my professional writing, and multiple editors I work with do access it, so I can’t do “writing trades.” But thank you for thinking of my blog in that way- I take it as a compliment and appreciate it!

        One reader requested learning more about my mom’s cancer treatment, and that’s why I wrote the post about how my mom beat cancer without chemo. That’s what I meant about obliging reader requests.

        Thanks for thinking of me, and have a great day!

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