Seizures. Surprise Surprise

It’s been a weird day. I was supposed to go see the kids, but I had 3 seizures last night and didn’t fall asleep until 6am. So when I got up at 11am, I was very groggy. I banged my forehead again (zero recollection) and lost 3 hours. Then it happened again at midnight and then an hour at 2.30am. I can still hardly walk to the bathroom and back. Hell, even typing this is difficult as my fingers are still cold (heating is on). Staring at the screen makes me want to throw up.

Oh wait there is more moaning

I got everything ready for a shower the other day. Due to mental health reasons, I don’t shower as much, so I sink-wash. But when I work myself up enough, I go for a proper shower. Moving on, I got into the shower, turned it on, and started doing my hair. Then I noticed the drain is clogged. Since it’s a walk-in shower, it rapidly overflowed. I stopped the shower, got out, and tried to see what’s clogging it, but couldn’t.

Then the pain started as soon as I got up. It felt like someone stabbed me in the lower back, poured petrol on it, and lit it. So, back to being on hands and knees, wet and freezing. Stupid me didn’t take my stick with me, so I managed to grab a towel and dry myself on the floor. Then, hands and knees to my stick, then over to the chair and pulled myself up before getting some painkillers. The bathroom is a mess, but I thought I’ll take care of it later. Ugh. Frikkin’ showers. I told the receptionist that it’s broken, and she smiled and said, “Oh, I don’t know how to fix that, but I’ll leave them a note. It will be Monday or Tuesday, I’m guessing.” Stupid seizures, stupid shower and stupid me.

Today i’ve pretty much done nothing. watched some random stuff and playing a game and annoying people online.

A dull post am afraid.

Fonejacker QOTD Podcasts

Podcasts, in all honesty, have never really clicked with me. I think that I must be missing something, as my brother Day is obsessed with them. Especially UFOs. I’ve listened to like five of them from this one guy, but yeah, I really don’t know what it is about them that I don’t like.

The only one I have found and liked the most was FoneJacker. I used to watch it on TV but then this flew onto my radar. If you ever just need a laugh, then this is the podcast for you.

Anyone have any good ones which are on Spotify?

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Dogs or Cats : QOTD

What is good about having a pet?

Well, having owned quite a few pets (dogs, cats, chickens) from a young age, I can tell you that they are certainly both a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing with dogs is usually poor training or the fact that we forgot to put the bin outside, so it was shredded by Nina and, now, Dobby. Dogs are amazing because in my mind they are on the specially challenged end of the seesaw in comparison with a cat’s intellect. Dogs are big, they jump on you, sit on your head (thanks, Dobby), and provide all sorts of soft cuddliness. They might occasionally trash the house, but you can’t stay mad at them for long.

Now, cats. Oh, dear. They can leave you with lifelong scars all over your body in an instant. The only time you realize that you have been assaulted is when the blood starts dripping from the needle-like claws, puncturing you like a needle. BUT wait, there is something about cats though. You can never put your finger on it. You can see it in their eyes as they track your movements, wondering where to strike next. But no. You pull out the catnip, and suddenly, you have one chilled cat. After the mandatory running laps around the house, they pass out. Cats are harder to please, whereas a dog is just a dog. Cats are more evil and cunning.


In conclusion, dogs are easy to please and they will love you endlessly. They will trust you no matter what. They are there for hugs and can listen to you talk about how crappy your day was. Cats are good for catching mice, flies, spiders, and… well, they are a tough one. But they make you smile. You can talk to them for hours, share a little cheese with them, and when they aren’t cutting you up, they sit in your lap and claim victory against dogs.

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How to Clean Up a Doggy Disaster (Without Losing Your Cool)

Accidents happen. Even the best-behaved dogs have the occasional mishap. But when your furry friend makes a mess, it can be tempting to lose your shit. After all, you’ve just spent ages cleaning your house, and now you have to start all over again. Damn dogs.

But take a deep breath, scream out your rage with a single ‘Whhhhyyyy’. But alas there’s no need to panic. With a little planning and prep, you can clean up any doggy disaster without breaking a sweat.

Here are a few tips:

1. Act quickly. The faster you clean up a mess, the easier it will be to remove. So as soon as you see your dog having an accident, or you discover a mess after the fact, take action immediately.

2. Have a cleanup kit on hand. Keep some carpet wipes, some kitchen roll, and a carpet cleaner in a central location in your house, so you can grab them quickly when you need them.

3. Start by containing the mess. Dogs out straight away. Block off the area around the mess.

4. Clean up the solid waste. Use a paper towel or toilet paper to pick up any solid waste. Dispose of it in the outside bin or flush it down the toilet.

5. Clean up the liquid mess. Use kitchen roll to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Then, use a decent carpet cleaner/wipe to disinfect the area.

6. Let the area dry completely. Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, be sure to let the area dry completely before allowing your dog back into the room. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria. Cannot stress the drying it. We use a hair dryer. Otherwise you’ll be walking in puddles with your socks a few days after the event.

Here are a few additional tips to help you keep your cool while cleaning up a doggy disaster:

  • Remember that it’s just an accident. Dogs don’t mess on the floor to laugh at you. They usually have a good reason for doing it, such as illness, stress, or anxiety.
  • Don’t punish your dog. Punishing your dog for having an accident will only make them more anxious and stressed, which can lead to more accidents. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement and training.
  • Take a break if you need it. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, take a break and come back to the mess later. There’s no need to rush. Or you know, fuel and matches work too. Make sure to remove all living creatures before doing this.

Cleaning up a doggy disaster is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these tips, you can clean up any mess without losing your cool.

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Place – QOTD – Favourite

What is your favorite place to go in your city?

On the outskirts of Greater Manchester is a city called Stockport. At night, if you head to the hills, you can see the whole of Manchester in one shot. Well, almost. This shot is taken from my car during one of the many trips to the area in 2011-2012.

This is my English happy place. There is a Welsh one, but that’s a story for another time!

On day release (still cold)

So I left shortly after that post, the heating came on only for a few moments, so I was that cold I got an Uber to D’s house and sat there with the dogs warming up. The Uber ride over in the afternoon was amazing. He had the heating up on full, so I said “I love the heating in your car”. He laughed and said he liked it cozy rather than ice-cold. I could have hugged him.

Got to the house and sorted the dogs out. They managed to get into some treats and a bin was kindly emptied, but they didn’t do their business in the house, so that’s generally a win. I had a delivery with some sauces, soaps, and a few other bits for when I’m in the flat as a treat. Well, not really a treat for anyone else (except maybe S) as it’s hot sauces, mayo, and ketchup. All sorts. So that’s another box to the growing mountain in the lounge. Sat down as the cold buggered off.

Kids came home so I surprised them both with Maltesers, which they both love. I spent ten minutes talking with them. Before I knew it, I was being dragged upstairs to watch B on MS Flight Simulator. He knows all the button switches, how to lay in a course, and loads of other stuff I had no idea about until he told me. Airline pilot or programmer. I could settle for either.

I was treated to pasta, toasties, and a homemade apple & pear crumble. Hot food. So satisfying and appreciated.

And to sum it up… (less cold)

I got back to the hotel, opened the door and warm air hit me in the face. The room was so lovely and warm. Then sat down, scheduled some posts, talked to Day, and now I’ll make a cup of tea, email the best friend, and listen to music.

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Freezing. Still. Bastards

I’m pretty sure my vape fluid has thickened and turned into a solid *flicks tank* yup. The handyman came round yesterday to look at the list of things that weren’t working. I promise I’m not some arse of a customer who sits and moans all the time, but my god, they are slow here. So the handyman came round, explained that someone with long hair has clogged the sink, and it just won’t drain fast enough. So we fixed that, and I explained that unfortunately, I don’t have lovely golden locks of hair. Next one: light bulb. Instead of taking the broken one out as a reference, he came back twice with the wrong bulb. Then the best one is the heating. He checked it, and everything was fine with it, but no. Still nothing. He said they would have to call a plumber. Freezing.

Freezing. Freezing. Can’t feel fingers.

Fast forward to now, the cleaning staff said it has been cold, and turns out no one had any heating since summer. Fml. Apparently, someone switched it off and must have forgotten to put it back on. Which all the guests here have been freezing. Apparently, it will be turned on soon.

Today I’m feeling a little bit low. It could be the cold causing it because all I want to do is get warm. Even thought about going to D’s house just for respite. The electric blanket is great in theory but not very practical with the short cable. Also got this stupid cough again. I did make an appointment with the doctor this morning who triaged me into next week, thanks NHS. Not even a face to face, that’s the wait for an ’emergency’ call back. Oh well, I guess if they aren’t concerned, then that’s fine.

Not like when they said “If you were to swallow a month’s worth of pills at once, it wouldn’t do much but make you sleepy.” That was just the most fucked up conversation I’ve had in a loooong time. So, for future records I can take all my meds, a month’s worth at 21 per day mandatory comes to 588 a month. Then throw in the diazepam and codeine if I take all them as well, give us 700 pills.

OMG OMG Heating is on!!

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Wanderlust: My Dream Destinations

I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer at heart, and one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world and experience different cultures. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few places already, but there are still so many countries on my bucket list.


Germany is one of the countries I’m most eager to visit. I’ve always been fascinated by German history and culture, and I would love to see some of the country’s famous landmarks, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building. I’m also interested in trying some of the traditional German food, such as schnitzel and sauerkraut.

travel germany flag in front of building
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Norway is another country that has always appealed to me. I’m drawn to the country’s stunning natural beauty, with its fjords, mountains, and glaciers. I would love to go hiking in the Norwegian countryside and experience the Northern Lights.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that I’ve always wanted to visit since I was a kid. I’m fascinated by the country’s unique culture and its beautiful scenery. I would love to visit the Lord of the Rings filming locations and go whale watching in the South Island.

travel brown and orange house with outdoor plants
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Of course, I would also love to visit America. There are so many different places to see in this vast country, from the bustling cities of New York and Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon and the Great Smoky Mountains. I’m also interested in learning more about American history and culture.

travel city street photo
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Spider-Free Travel

I do have one exception to my travel plans: I don’t plan on visiting Australia. I’m not a big fan of spiders, and Australia is home to some of the world’s most venomous arachnids. I’m sure Australia is a beautiful country, but I’ll have to pass on it for now.

Making the Dream a Reality

I know that traveling to so many different countries can be expensive, but I’m determined to make my dream a reality. I’m already starting to save up money, and I’m also researching ways to travel more affordably. I’m also learning about the different cultures of the countries I want to visit so that I can make the most of my time there.