A favorite subject in school

Hands-down History. especially in the year 11 times when i was sat with my bestie . We used to sit there writing plans and talking. I remember so vividly one of the female history teachers burst into the room and starting yelling stuff a me at the top of her voice. turns out when as marketing the coursework for the year , the theme that year being northern ireland.

So. My dad helped me with his knowledge of working there and how evil the catholics aer. so this pure hatred which i quickly started = taking notes too. He took my course book which the school lends you and he wrote notes everywhere inside. So shes screaming “is this some sort of joke?” “No” think she left the classroom.

Discovered the best history teacher was a nonce.

I loved learning about different part of history, the wars and such. I also used trade comic books wit him.He had an anger issues which he would turn bright red.

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Instincts, should’ve seen that coming

Do you trust your instincts?

Yes. Especially at the moment, I tend to follow my instincts. By that, I mean I follow my gut. If I have a bad feeling, I’ll stop what I’m doing, and the same goes for the opposite, the positive ones. My gut says “yes” is hit and miss. That’s my understanding of instincts.

I get them quite often. Walking down the street, I get this nagging feeling that something bad will happen, so I become more cautious in my response. I don’t know if there is any science behind instincts, as technically it’s predicting a situation. But the negative is always more effective. I can be in a shop buying something, and I get a feeling that I can’t buy X, Y, or Z, so I’ll pass on them. Random instincts.

It can be bad. When B was little, I was the definition of a helicopter parent. I would freak out about the tiniest thing. He would go to a soft play area, and if I couldn’t see him, I would descend into “OMG, he’s going to die on the slide.” I sat there, stopping myself from checking in on him. The definition of instincts telling me something bad was going to happen to him.

I have learned to control it more, so I can sense if the instinct is real or not. I’m highly superstitious, which really doesn’t help the situation. We used to have a pool table at the farm. I would make stupid bets in my head. If I pot this ball, then my team will win the football match. Sounds silly, but it was serious.


The specific relevant content for this request, if necessary, delimited with characters: Human instincts should apply to emergency situations and meeting new people. I think those two things are the most important. I won’t cross this bridge because I have a gut feeling it’s going to end badly. I’ll stop talking to this person because he’s giving off bad vibes.

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I couldn’t resist QOTD

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

I’m so sorry I couldn’t resist anchorman infused gifs. Ah what a movie. I used to have a ‘I love lamp’ t-shirt but got lost a good decade ago. In all honesty I would want to give the impression that I am calm but underneath lays complete and utter, terror. Sort of a thousand yard stare but not too much. Reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson but more toeing the thin line between madness and genius. Read into that what you wish.

Unfortunately due to several personality disorders I very rarely get to choose which person comes out on a first impression. I got all the range here. From shy and reserved to jumping on a desk, surfing. The latter hasn’t been attempted in a while. Not sure if the table would still be standing to be fair.


I hope I don’t come off as an arsehole.

QOTD – Space

What’s your favorite month of the year? Why?

Ignoring this year, because it’ll be the first christmas alone.

So typically from october to april are my favourite months. by far. it’s dark early and dark late both of which really appeal to me. I love night time, especially with crisp night air. Right now i go outside the hotel, sit on a bench and look up for 20 mins hoping to find something. Not sure what I was looking for to be honest really, so many stars.

Trading Card EAT Money

Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car).

*ahem* £205 for a single trading card to complete a set? Painful. But overly satisfying to look at once in a while. That would be the most shocking use of money. I used to play Plus500 and made silly money on it, but also lost it. Fortunately, I gained more than what I put in, but it was properly messed up. £900 on coal… £900 on gold… like it’s not real money. You then hold firm until it hits a nice profit and sell them back. I had a few close calls, but insane money there.

I’m struggling to think of anything else. A computer for £1k or the £400 headphones. I think if there is a wasteful category, then I would win. But saying that, I’ve used that computer pretty much every day and the headphones, after a couple of years, are still being used this very second. So it’s all a matter of perspective!

£205… but damn what a nice trading card.

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Fonejacker QOTD Podcasts

Podcasts, in all honesty, have never really clicked with me. I think that I must be missing something, as my brother Day is obsessed with them. Especially UFOs. I’ve listened to like five of them from this one guy, but yeah, I really don’t know what it is about them that I don’t like.

The only one I have found and liked the most was FoneJacker. I used to watch it on TV but then this flew onto my radar. If you ever just need a laugh, then this is the podcast for you.

Anyone have any good ones which are on Spotify?

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Dogs or Cats : QOTD

What is good about having a pet?

Well, having owned quite a few pets (dogs, cats, chickens) from a young age, I can tell you that they are certainly both a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing with dogs is usually poor training or the fact that we forgot to put the bin outside, so it was shredded by Nina and, now, Dobby. Dogs are amazing because in my mind they are on the specially challenged end of the seesaw in comparison with a cat’s intellect. Dogs are big, they jump on you, sit on your head (thanks, Dobby), and provide all sorts of soft cuddliness. They might occasionally trash the house, but you can’t stay mad at them for long.

Now, cats. Oh, dear. They can leave you with lifelong scars all over your body in an instant. The only time you realize that you have been assaulted is when the blood starts dripping from the needle-like claws, puncturing you like a needle. BUT wait, there is something about cats though. You can never put your finger on it. You can see it in their eyes as they track your movements, wondering where to strike next. But no. You pull out the catnip, and suddenly, you have one chilled cat. After the mandatory running laps around the house, they pass out. Cats are harder to please, whereas a dog is just a dog. Cats are more evil and cunning.


In conclusion, dogs are easy to please and they will love you endlessly. They will trust you no matter what. They are there for hugs and can listen to you talk about how crappy your day was. Cats are good for catching mice, flies, spiders, and… well, they are a tough one. But they make you smile. You can talk to them for hours, share a little cheese with them, and when they aren’t cutting you up, they sit in your lap and claim victory against dogs.

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