He150ken. A delayed treat.


He159ken as a delayed treat tonight. I was supposed to have a beer on Friday, but for whatever reason, I didn’t pick one up. Not that I actually go to shops to buy things, but I didn’t get it with the usual Deliveroo shop on a Thursday to D’s house, to then take back with me to Das Motel.

So yes, He159ken, as it’s known this year, is quite a nice break from the odd ales that I would pick from. My dad used to work at the He159ken brewery in Holland. I think that might have led to my decision. I feel so sorry for the delivery people today though. so we had 4 deliveries at D’s house. I’m sure the neighbors must think bad things, but I had Amazon dropping off a game for me and R to play next time she visits, which will be here at the motel. But we will be going to a cafe to have tea and cake, then back here for board games. I need to check if we could sit in the function room here as more space to play.

Aside from the game, two food shops came in for treats for everyone, and then a beer shop with two bottles. There was an offer on for £7 for two and no delivery fees, which isn’t that bad. I know it’s cheaper to walk to the shop but don’t know if I could last that long. Although thinking about it, I should have tried. My head is still a bit wobbly from yesterday’s denting.

I spent the day at D’s, which was oddly enjoyable. It was nice spending some time with B when D went out to collect S. I got the Nintendo Switches all sorted for B, S, R, and me with a yearly family pass thing. £45, including the expansion packs, which was a really good deal. You can have up to 8 people in the group, so 4 left. I’m not sure if you all have to be under the same roof, but it’s working for R, who doesn’t live at D’s, so should be fine.

I think I expect too much of the kids now that they are teenagers. So hanging out with Dad isn’t cool anymore or anything, but it makes me a little sad. I asked a few times, went to their rooms, and no. S was in a sulk, and B just wanted to play on his machine, even though I charged and set up his Switch to run from the group account so he can get all the family perks. I did get a goodbye by him yelling from a closed door, so I guess that’s something?

So I’m back at the motel now; the heating has been on, so I’m nice and warm for a change. I dropped my washing off with reception for two loads (£5 per load), not expecting it to be ready for a week, but they left it today in my room, all washed, dried, and folded. Awesome. D also washed one of my jumpers, so at least I’ll be warm during the day when the heating’s off or if I go meet people I was supposed to meet in town, but I’ll try that again this week.

My psychotherapy has also come through after a 3-year wait. That starts on Thursday at the hospital for 1 hour a week. I had the respiratory clinic on Friday, and they think I have COPD, which makes sense when I smoked from 13 all the way till I was 30, so pretty much no new treatment. Take the blue inhaler when I need to and take the purple/brown one a day. Come back every year for a check-up.

I think I’ve turned another corner with me and D and moving on with stuff, I don’t have gut-wrenching agony when I leave, and I’m starting to see D as a friend more than anything else. I still need to stop buying her random treats when I order stuff, but that’s more a habit and a recognition that she deserves it for doing everything.

The D-day is finally coming towards us for the flat. I just need to get inside and see what I need and what I want to do. Considering I’m putting all my eggs in one basket, I really hope the place is okay in terms of neighbors, space, and things like that. They made it clear that if I reject this one, I will lose my homeless status, and I’d have to bid for houses and have the customary 1-year wait. But yeah, that’s where I’m up to with things.


Beer = win.
Kids could be better but all part of growing up. No heart breaking when I leave D’s house, and generally in a good place today for a change, which is awesome.

Avoid the void, question time!

What are your top 5 favorite things to do on a rainy day?

  1. Listen to the rain. I love it. Always have since I was little. At the farm, we had a slate roof. The sound of the rain beating off the slate was mesmerizing and put you in this instant trance. Rain against the window works too when it’s stormy. I can sit and look at the rain for hours. I sleep by the window in the bedroom so I can sneak a peak if it’s raining at night. Also to a lesser degree, the sound of rain hitting the tent. That induces both panic and joy. Lovely to hear, horrible if there is a leak.
  2. Play on my Switch. Granted I don’t play on it as much as I like but I’ve got a few good games such as Diablo 3 (god I used to be so obsessed with Diablo 2), Arceus, and zombie army. Which is awesome. Who doesn’t like shooting nazi zombies? I’m not very good at it but it’s a good excuse to practice more. Take my anger out on them and not myself!
  3. Play on my PC. Okay, so that sort of is like the last one. But on here I play Russian Fishing, Counter-Strike, and Diablo. They are all great games and I had an obsession with buying random Steam keys to get random games to play. B shares the account with me so he’s always testing out the new ones and letting me know if they are any good. Sharing is caring. Except when you want to fish or play Defcon and he’s busy playing beamng drive. One day I’ll make him his own account and transfer the games he wants over.
  4. Walking. I love to walk in the rain BUT it has to be a certain type of rain and I have to have a coat on. It happens sometimes when I walk the dogs, the proper raindrops that you feel when they hit you. Wrapped up in a coat with the hood on. You’re dry. Sounds of rain. Puddles to jump in. What more could you ask.
  5. Board games. What kind of answer to this question would not be complete with saying I love playing board games with the kids. The actual answer would be no. A while ago D found a games shop in Manchester where you could play board games drink coffee and chill. We went a few times. Coffee? fu*k me that was some bitter organic vegan shit. But the games were good. But that coffee. That was bad. The only reason we never went back is because of that coffee. Please, people. Serve normal coffee to black no sugar coffee drinkers.