Freezing. Still. Bastards

I’m pretty sure my vape fluid has thickened and turned into a solid *flicks tank* yup. The handyman came round yesterday to look at the list of things that weren’t working. I promise I’m not some arse of a customer who sits and moans all the time, but my god, they are slow here. So the handyman came round, explained that someone with long hair has clogged the sink, and it just won’t drain fast enough. So we fixed that, and I explained that unfortunately, I don’t have lovely golden locks of hair. Next one: light bulb. Instead of taking the broken one out as a reference, he came back twice with the wrong bulb. Then the best one is the heating. He checked it, and everything was fine with it, but no. Still nothing. He said they would have to call a plumber. Freezing.

Freezing. Freezing. Can’t feel fingers.

Fast forward to now, the cleaning staff said it has been cold, and turns out no one had any heating since summer. Fml. Apparently, someone switched it off and must have forgotten to put it back on. Which all the guests here have been freezing. Apparently, it will be turned on soon.

Today I’m feeling a little bit low. It could be the cold causing it because all I want to do is get warm. Even thought about going to D’s house just for respite. The electric blanket is great in theory but not very practical with the short cable. Also got this stupid cough again. I did make an appointment with the doctor this morning who triaged me into next week, thanks NHS. Not even a face to face, that’s the wait for an ’emergency’ call back. Oh well, I guess if they aren’t concerned, then that’s fine.

Not like when they said “If you were to swallow a month’s worth of pills at once, it wouldn’t do much but make you sleepy.” That was just the most fucked up conversation I’ve had in a loooong time. So, for future records I can take all my meds, a month’s worth at 21 per day mandatory comes to 588 a month. Then throw in the diazepam and codeine if I take all them as well, give us 700 pills.

OMG OMG Heating is on!!

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The order of things

It’s been a mixed bag of sorts this past week, to be honest. I don’t have the keys for the flat, and I get the answer of “They are still working on it,” which is very useful. I wonder who the last tenant was and how much destruction was involved.

I had some nightmares I couldn’t wake up from, which was a tad annoying. I was up at 5:20 am doing bits and bobs. Then I was cold, so I went back to bed at 9 am. By 11 am, I woke up after stupid dreams. It left me angry and agitated. I hate when that happens. You’re trapped in a flashback, and no matter what you do, you can’t change the thing that is happening to you, and you are powerless. Then you realize you are sleeping. What’s the fastest way to wake yourself up? Eyes. So you’re stuck in a dream, trying to force your eyes open until you wake up and the whole miserable thing ends. You then vow never to sleep again. So let’s see how that one plays out.

The two consultants I saw on Friday were so bad that I raised a formal complaint. As mental health consultants, they should know when they are manipulating or gaslighting. My CPN is looking into it as well.

Yesterday, I was at D’s house babysitting. I managed to get some work done on the computer that is there. Then I opened up a port so I can connect in. As the IP address isn’t static, I’ve knocked up a script hooked up to a cron job, so it lets me know when it’s changed.

How was your weekend?