I couldn’t resist QOTD

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

I’m so sorry I couldn’t resist anchorman infused gifs. Ah what a movie. I used to have a ‘I love lamp’ t-shirt but got lost a good decade ago. In all honesty I would want to give the impression that I am calm but underneath lays complete and utter, terror. Sort of a thousand yard stare but not too much. Reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson but more toeing the thin line between madness and genius. Read into that what you wish.

Unfortunately due to several personality disorders I very rarely get to choose which person comes out on a first impression. I got all the range here. From shy and reserved to jumping on a desk, surfing. The latter hasn’t been attempted in a while. Not sure if the table would still be standing to be fair.


I hope I don’t come off as an arsehole.