Fonejacker QOTD Podcasts

Podcasts, in all honesty, have never really clicked with me. I think that I must be missing something, as my brother Day is obsessed with them. Especially UFOs. I’ve listened to like five of them from this one guy, but yeah, I really don’t know what it is about them that I don’t like.

The only one I have found and liked the most was FoneJacker. I used to watch it on TV but then this flew onto my radar. If you ever just need a laugh, then this is the podcast for you.

Anyone have any good ones which are on Spotify?

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Its the end of the world as we know it…

Daily writing prompt
What would your life be like without music?

Not sure many will guess the song from the title.

But yes. it would be a life without release, joy, inspiration and generally all things good in the world today. It transcends races, its timeless, it’s always evolving and its vibration. Everyone likes music or noise in some form or another. Hell, if can whistle you’ve got your own jukebox. But joking aside I can’t see my life without it.

I have quite a varied taste in my musical affairs. To me its sitting in a room, my headphones on, lights out listening and being moved by the sounds I hear. I can be doing the dishes but suddenly I’m live and in front of an audience singing Rebel Yell or at Wembley with Queen, stood next to Freddy belting hit after hit. It transports you to wherever you want to go in the universe.

For this reason, the kids have had premium Spotify accounts since they were 5, adding music to it, creating play lists and last FM accounts. We even altered bedtime rules based on it. Always allowed them access to it for an hour after their bedtime if they wanted to listen to something and sleep. That they didn’t have to hide behind swearing in songs because that would ruin the effect or issue being sang about. With Ben being 11 and Suzi 13, they have quite a few good playlists that we share amongst ourselves. Each carving their own little way into the different genres.

I have it on. Constantly. Not just for mental health but it massively effects that as well. It has the power to lift you out of the crap you are trapped in and dump you inside this cozy little snug of warmth and understanding.

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Alone time

I love my own company. I know this is different from the post that I did before where I need a friend. I’m still a friendless wonder but I love being on my own simply because I can play my music (so it doesn’t bother people), I can sing or hmm (I won’t get screamed at by B) and lay on the sofa, curtains closed, lights off and just listen to lyrics. I could do this every day. It’s an escape from reality I suppose. A good one. The price of Spotify and are worth it. And omg I love listening to the randomly generated playlist where it has a mix of your liked songs and ones you have never heard. I sit there waiting eagerly to press the like button, we are on 2500 now, but I crave more music!

So yes. I can do that. I feel safe when I do that. I can’t do it when someone is in the house with me. Only alone. I dread the summer holidays. I love my family, I love my wife and kids. Really. But the music thing is also a sanity check. I think I’ll sneak outside at midnight with headphones, wrap up and do my like-button thing.

MusixMatch = Win!

So I discovered an acoustic cover of one of my favourite songs. On your own by Blur. Its an old 90s song but one that instantly transports me back to the mini-disc days. I had one album which had this song on. I was in college, all of 17 and we were headed to Disney Land in Paris. It was part of a college trip to learn about the IT side of things behind the scenes. Which. Well. I dont actually remember anything IT related. I remember sneaking whisky into the park and sight seeing. Anyway. I was in the coach on the way back, 10 hour drive, I had this album on repeat, I closed my eyes and woke up a few hours later and all I remember is hearing this song when I woke up almost near the college.

Instant time travel. Poorly explained but makes me smile.

Smiling is a rare thing around here at the moment. We all have life’s stresses being thrown at us these days. D included with her work and me, well, the mental health and addictions are winning at the moment which I’m trying hard to fix.

As the title implies in the post I’m still listening to lots of music. I discovered this software than spits out the lyrics to the songs you’ve got running in Spotify. So I can have it on my other monitor and sing a-long with a DIY kareoke.

The cat sums up the mood.

Hope everyone else is having an awesome day.